Post-adoption Services

Adopted children who have been abused or neglected often need help coping with the effects of abuse and the loss of their birth family.

All families of children adopted through DFPS can get post-adoption services. This service is available to families along with Title IV-E and state-paid adoption subsidies from DFPS. After a child has been adopted, services are provided to help the child and family:

  • Adjust to the adoption.
  • Cope with any history of abuse of the child.
  • Avoid permanent or long-term removal of children from the adoptive family setting.

Some of the services available are:

  • Information and referral.
  • Casework services and service planning.
  • Parent groups.
  • Parenting programs.
  • Counseling services.
  • Respite care.
  • Residential placement services in critical need situations.
  • Crisis intervention.

Availability of services is dependent on funding and the individual child and family situation.

Post-adoption Services Providers


Centers for Children and Families
1004 N. Big Spring Str., Ste. 325
Midland, TX 79701
(432) 570-1084 – Main Line
(432) 570-0027 – Post-Adopt Line


CK Family Services
320 Westway Place, Suite 530
Arlington, TX 76018-1000
(817) 516-9100


DePelchin Children’s Center
4950 Memorial Dr.
Houston, TX 77007
(888) 730-2335


DePelchin Children’s Center
4950 Memorial Dr.
Houston, TX 77007
(888) 730-2335

Arms Wide Adoption Services
6925 Portwest Drive, Ste. 110
Houston, TX 77024
(713) 681-6991, 1-800-460-6298


Arms Wide Adoption Services
500 N. Water Street Suite 604, South Tower
Corpus Christi, Texas 78410
361-850-8200, 1-800-460-6298

Post-Adoption Liaisons

Region Name Phone
1 Bet Ribordy (806) 742-9412
2 Sandee Tezaguic (940) 235-1936
3 Melody Rockwell (972) 820-1901
4 Lori Sutton-White (903) 233-5212
5 Kelli Slaga (936) 633-3759
6 Pat Johnson (713) 394-4278
6 Dalen DiLieto - back-up for Pat (713) 394-4290
7 Holly Benningfield (512) 289-2456
8 Deborah North (210) 337-3182
9 Khrystal Garcia (432) 368-2446
10 Diana Lopez (915) 521-3804
11 Jesus DeLeon (956) 412-4705

Adoption Assistance

Adoption support is available to many families who adopt certain children with special needs to offset some of the costs of supporting and legally adopting and supporting these children. Assistance is available to help with the child's medical and financial needs.


The child and placement must meet certain eligibility requirements to receive adoption assistance.

  • 6 years of age or older,
  • 2 years of age or older and a member of a minority group,
  • have a diagnosed handicapping condition, or
  • member of a sibling group or joining a sibling in adoption.

The adoption assistance agreement must be entered into and signed before the adoption is legally complete. You will want to discuss all the eligibility and application requirements with your adoption agency.

Who can get assistance?

Assistance is available to both children in the care of the state and certain children in the care of private, nonprofit licensed adoption agencies.

Reimbursement Program

The non-recurring adoption expenses program provides a one-time payment to reimburse adoptive families for some of the costs of legally adopting children with special needs. A family's expenses may be covered as much as $1,200 for each child with special needs. Receipts are necessary to determine reimbursement. Reimbursement is only made after the adoption is completed by the court. There are other eligibility requirements, so you will want to discuss the criteria with your adoption agency.

Map of Texas showing DFPS regions Region 1 Offices Region 2 Offices Region 3 Offices Region 4 Offices Region 5 Offices Region 6 Offices Region 7 Offices Region 8 Offices Region 9 Offices Region 10 Offices Region 11 Offices

Adoption Assistance Regional Contacts

Which region is my county in?

Lubbock Region / Region 1

Mary Baker
(806) 742-9444
Lubbock A through L
Deanna Tagle
(806) 741-3217
Lubbock M through Z, plus Armstrong, Briscoe, Carson, Childress, Collingsworth, Dallam, Donley, Floyd, Gray, Hale, Hall, Hansford, Hartley. Hemphill, Hutchinson, Lipscomb, Moore, Ochiltree, Oldham, Parmer, Roberts, Sherman, Wheeler
Patty Wells
(806) 742-9491
Bailey, Castro, Cochran, Crosby, Deaf Smith, Dickens, Garza, Hockley, King, Lamb, Lubbock R through Z, Lynn, Motley, Potter M through Z, Randall M through Z, Swisher, Terry, Yoakum
Jennie Stephenson
(806) 741-3222
Potter A through L, Randall A though L

Abilene Region / Region 2

(325) 691-8161

Arlington Region / Region 3

If the adoptive parent last name begins A-F
Rhonda Gipson
(214) 331-7700 ext. 1291
If the adoptive parent last name begins with G-L
Yalonda Booker
(214) 331-7700 ext. 3049
If the adoptive parent last name begins with M-S
Fakesha Solomon-Knighten
(214) 331-7700 ext. 3050
If the adoptive parent last name begins with T-Z
(214) 331-7700 ext. 3055

Tyler Region / Region 4

Betty Moseby
(936) 569-5302

Beaumont Region / Region 5

Paula Gipson
(936) 569-5429

Houston Region / Region 6

If the adoptive parent last name begins with A-F
(713) 394-4120
If the adoptive parent last name begins with G-L
Tracy Johnson
(713) 394-4121
If the adoptive parent last name begins with M-R
Timiko Simonton
(713) 394-4112
If the adoptive parent last name begins with S-Z
(713) 394-4106

Austin Region / Region 7

If the adoptive parent last name begins with A-L
Melody Miller
(254) 742-3888
If the adoptive parent last name begins with M-Z
Lauren Ludwig, (512) 834-3292
Colette Mitchell, (254) 742-3881

San Antonio Region / Region 8

If the adoptive parent last name begins with A - Cantrell
Carol L Gutierrez
(210) 337-3375
If the adoptive parent last name begins with Cantu - Highland
Maria Longoria
(210) 337-3278
If the adoptive parent last name begins with Hightower - Quintanilla
Dona Westerman
(210) 337-3067
If the adoptive parent last name begins with Ouintero - Z
Ruth Riojas
(210) 337-3172

Midland/Odessa Region / Region 9

Cheryl Hutchinson
(940) 864-1126

El Paso Region / Region 10

Irene Mijares
(915) 521-3873

Edinburg Region / Region 11

Mary Ann Maxwell
(361) 878-3458

Tuition and Fee Waiver

The Texas state tuition and fee waiver provides exemptions at state supported institutions of higher education to certain youth who were formerly in foster care, adopted youth, and youth in permanent managing conservatorship. Learn more.

Federal Income Tax Credit

Some adoptive families may be eligible for federal income tax credits that help offset the cost of adoption. Check with IRS or your tax advisor to see if your adoption qualifies.