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Frequently Asked Questions About TARE

General Information


TARE Services

TARE was designed with the commitment that every child is adoptable and deserves a loving forever family. With that committment, TARE provides services to assist in matching prospective adoptive families with children in the managing conservatorship of the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services (DFPS) who are legally free for adoption. Children are registered in TARE by DFPS staff who first try to match children and parents statewide and, if necessary, out of state.

TARE Services:

  • promote the statewide exchange of adoption information;
  • provide a toll-free Foster Care and Adoption Inquiry Line (1-800-233-3405);
  • obtain and compile demographic information about children listed in the exchange;
  • make a photo, profile, and video if available of registered children available to waiting families and others on the TARE website;
  • place a photo and profile of TARE children in the AdoptUSKids internet site and the internet site IF the child can be placed out of state;
  • provide specialized recruitment activities;
  • allow waiting adoptive families the opportunity to register with TARE and create a family profile
  • allow registered families to submit their interest in being considered to adopt a particular child or sibling group online.

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TARE staff

We maintain staff throughout the state and at our Austin headquarters. To learn more, visit our Contact Us page.

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The Foster Care and Adoption Inquiry Line

Prospective foster and adoptive parents who want to provide loving homes for children with special needs can call the Texas Foster Care and Adoption Inquiry line at 1-800-233-3405. The statewide line is open Mondays through Fridays from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Central Standard Time.

Inquiry line staff provide general information about becoming a foster or adoptive parent. Callers are then referred to the DFPS area office nearest them to obtain more specific information. They can also e-mail TARE with any questions.

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Q. Who are "children with special needs"?

A. A "child with special needs" is defined as:

  • being at least six years old;
  • being at least two years old and a member of a racial or ethnic minority;
  • having a professionally diagnosed physical, mental, or emotional disabling condition; or
  • belonging to a sibling group who needs to be placed together.

Children come into the care of the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services (DFPS) due to abuse or neglect. Therefore, families who adopt children through the agency should have an understanding or be willing to learn the dynamics of neglect or physical or sexual abuse.

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Q. When is a child registered in TARE?

A. Workers must register children on the Texas Adoption Resource Exchange when:

  • the parental rights of the child's parents have been terminated;
  • DFPS has approved the child for adoptive placement; and
  • a relative home, foster/adopt home, or prospective adoptive home has not been found.

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Q. How often is the child’s registration updated?

A. The child’s registration is updated yearly or when there are significant changes that would effect placement.

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Q. When is a child removed from TARE?

A. The child is removed from the web site when an adoptive family is selected or when there has been a change in the child's permanency plan.

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Q. What does the child’s TARE ID number mean?

A. The computer assigns a unique identification (ID) number to the children registered in the exchange for tracking purposes.

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Q. How can I find a child quickly in the internet listing?

A. On either the View Waiting Children or Child Search page you can search by the child's first name, their ID number or by your adoption preferences. The system also allows registered families the ability to bookmark child profiles they would like to access quickly.

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Q. Are there children registered in TARE who cannot be placed out of state due to sibling visits or other circumstances?

A. Yes. The profile will clearly indicate the child cannot be placed out of state.

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Q. How current is the listing of children on the web site?

A. The web site is updated daily.

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Q. How do workers access approved adoptive families for waiting children in Texas or out of state?

A. Texas DFPS staff have the ability to search and view the profiles of families who have registered with TARE. Profiles will include a link to the family's home screening if the home screening has been provided to TARE staff.

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Q. How are inquiries handled?

A. Inquiries are received online through the TARE system. DFPS staff process the inquiry and provide a response.

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Q. How will I know which children are the latest registrations?

A. The newest registrations will continue to be displayed first in response to any search including if you select to view All Girls, All Boys or All Siblings.

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