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Ways to help

Father with Adopted Sons

Faith-Based Program: Historically, the faith community was the institution that dealt with the mistreatment of children. The state of Texas is asking for your faith community's help. Sometimes it takes a congregation to raise a child.

Adopt-A-Caseworker Program creates a support system between the community and CPS by matching a local organization such as a church, school group, or business to a caseworker. The adopting group helps meet the special needs of that caseworker's caseload of families and children. The support may take the form of tangible donations, items such as clothing or baby supplies, as well as emotional support.

The Rainbow Room is an emergency resource room that stocks items such as diapers, formula, car seats, clothing, hygenie products and other necessities for CPS caseworkers to use when children arrive to the foster or adoptive home with little to nothing. The Rainbow Room motto is, "Abused and neglected children do not deserve abused and neglected things." You can be a ray of hope to these children. Volunteer in your local Rainbow Room. Make a cash or in-kind donation to your Rainbow Room.

Heart Galleries of Texas is a group of community volunteers who assist to promote adoption and highlight children waiting for their forever home. Through photoshoots and gallery displays, stirring portraits reveal the children’s amazing spirits and individuality, which helps to raise community awareness on the need for adoptive families.

Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) needs dedicated and committed men and women willing to be a voice for abused and neglected children. As a CASA volunteer, you provide caring and consistent support on behalf of an innocent child going through a difficult legal process.

Blue Sunday is the National Day of Prayer for abused and neglected children. Join faith communities across the nation as they take the time in their service to pray for the victims of child abuse and those that rescue them. It's that simple. There's nothing to join and no fees to participate. Blue Sunday is usually the last Sunday in April, however it can be a Sunday of your choice.

Toy and Supply drive Whether it is for Christmas or back to school, our children need items that are for them. Many of them are not able to bring their toys from home to their new placement. And many of them do not have school supplies for the upcoming school year.

Donate Meeting Space for Parent Resource Information Development Education (PRIDE), Family Group Decision Making Conferences (FGDM) and Foster/Adoptive Parent Support Groups. PRIDE is training for families seeking to become licensed to foster and/or adopt. FGDM conferences engage and empower families to make decisions and develop plans to protect and nurture their children.

Respite providers provide temporary care for children in foster care so their foster families can take a break from the daily routine of care-giving. Unlike childcare, respite services may involve overnight care. Respite care enables foster families to take vacations, a day off or just a few hours of time off when needed.

Special Occasion Parties for foster and adoptive children in your area are needed. You can host a holiday party or picnic during the summer with food and refreshments. Birthday parties for several foster children and their families would be very special for them. Special occasion parties provide a "hands on" project your organization can help children and appreciate the foster parents who care for them.

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