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Successful Families

Accept them in your world

Steven W., an adoptive parent in Conroe, Texas

Mrs. Waldrep with the twinsUpdate: November 2004
"Hello, this the Waldrep family again. I'm back to express how wonderful the gifts from god and CPS are. It's been well over a year that we adopted the twins and we have a new addition to the family. Our twins 8 year old birth sister!

We found out she was waiting for adoption and we wanted her to be with her sisters and with us. She has adjusted very well. I can't express how much we appreciate what CPS has given us. It's the way to go if you want to adopt a child of any age or race.

Mr. Waldrep with his three girlsI completed my loving family with children who were in foster care. Children in foster care want a loving family. Keep in mind, there aren't perfect children and foster children especially have suffered losses and pain. You just have to guide them, love them, show them that you accept them in your world. Then they will adjust and you will begin to see how wonderful they are and how much they need your love.

I have three wonderful girls that I will never give up. I want to thank the lady from CPS that brought my twins birth sister to them and my third daughter to my wife and I. So if you want to adopt, adopt through CPS! I hope my story helps the next person who wants to adopt!"

Original Story
We were not able to have children of our own and the doctors said there was a risk of trying to have one. I did not want to put my wife through that so we decided to adopt. We talked about it and agreed. We went to the classes and then viewed the children on the Internet. There where alot of them that we wanted to adopt. We submitted our interest to several case workers. We did not give up and then this one wonderful lady called us from Amarillo. She was a case worker there and she said she had twin girls and we immediately told her we would take them. We didn't even ask what their names were until a week later when she called. We didn't get their picture until the second week and then drove down to meet OUR GIRLS.

Of course my wife and I were scared they would not want to bond with us. We took them to Chucky Cheese and within the hour of us playing together they said, "mommy and daddy lets go play". My wife and I cried with joy and now they live with us. In May we will have two twin girls with our last name and our lives will be complete. I want to thank CPS for everything.

If anybody wants to consider adoption, CPS is the way to go. These kids need loving homes. They thirst for love and understanding. There are bumps in the road because the kids have a past and they will test you, but when they know they're not going any where then they start to adjust to your way of living and then you see their smile shine brighter than the sun ever will.

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