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Successful Families

Something We Always Wanted

Tammy C., an adoptive family in Humble, Texas

My husband and I wanted to adopt for years. We finally went thru all the paper work, training and everything else with CPS. Then we received our first call on December 14, 2004. The happiest day of our life was when we met our three year old little girl De'shauna. She was the best Christmas present that we could have ever asked Santa for. She made us so happy. She is the joy that we have been missing in our life.

Then another call and here comes our second joy of our life from CPS. On February 23, 2005 we met our son De'vonta. He was our New Years baby and we brought the whole family out to receive him into our home. He has made our family complete. This is something we always wanted - a girl and a son.

We thank God for our little girl and son and we thank CPS. They made our family complete and made our dream come true. We want to thank CPS, especially our case worker and our children's case worker. They were so sweet, wonderful and understanding. We will go to court on our little girl this month, in June.

We want to tell CPS from the Charlo family - Thank you so very much!

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