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Successful Families

Blessing Beyond Measure!

Mr. and Mrs. Lambert, adoptive parents in Andrews, Texas

Mr. and Mrs. Lambert, adoptive parents in Andrews, TXOne evening in October 2002, as my husband and I we sat outside talking, I said, "We have the love, the extra room, and Dakota (our 9 year old son) wants a sister or brother we really should adopt!"

To my surprise he agreed. The next day I started to look into different types of adoption. I called CPS for information and they said they would be holding an information meeting the next week. I dragged my skeptical husband to the meeting. As soon as we got in the car after the meeting Jeff said "I know this is the place we are supposed to be, and this is Gods plan for us." We were not able to start training classes until January of 2003. Now it seems like it flew by, but then I thought we would never get it done.

I was sitting in my office on October 7th when our home-study case worker called. I thought she just needing more information until I heard her say I have a child I would like to talk to you about, but I need you and Jeff on the phone at the same time.

I have never moved so fast in my life. We lived about 20 minutes from my office and I got home in five minutes. Jeff was home with our son who was sick that day. We called her and each of us got on a phone as she told us about a 2 year old girl (we hope for a girl but we said we would take either) and then she told us her name...Carolina. A name we had already picked out for a future daughter.

Karen told us to talk about it and call her back and let her know if we wanted to see her file. We hung up wiped our tears and said a prayer together. Then we called her right back and told her yes! The first week of November we meet Carolina for the first time. We already loved her before we had seen her, but it was also love at first sight. On November 22, 2003 Carolina turned 3.

On November 29th we brought her home for good, and on that same day she started calling us "mommy" and "daddy". Her adoption was final in June 2004.

Every step of the way we felt God's hand holding and guiding us. Carolina is an amazing gift from God and she has already touched so many lives. We can't imagine our life without her now! We are so grateful to the staff of the CPS office in Lubbock, Texas. They were loving and helpful every step of the way. We are also eternally grateful to the foster family that loved and cared for our daughter for 18 months. We know they helped to develop who Carolina is today! We feel God is calling us to adopt again and we can't wait to see who he has for us this time!

Adoption is a Blessing Beyond Measure!

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