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Successful Families

Special Bonds, Cherished Memories

Special Bonds, Cherished Memories

April V . from Splendora, TX

Adopted boysAfter realizing that we would not be able to have children of our own, my husband and I made the decision to adopt. After taking PRIDE classes, we realized there were a lot of children in foster care who we could help as well. We fostered several children who eventually went back home or to live with relatives and in the mean time, we realized that we were able to love a child that was not our biological child. We developed special bonds with each child we fostered and in many cases we developed special bonds with their biological parents as well. We still keep in close contact with some of the children we fostered.

We received a call one evening, after taking a break from fostering for a couple of months, about a 15-month-old little boy who had been in foster care and would be going up for adoption soon. We said that we wanted to meet him immediately. After a few visits and outings with him, he came to live with us.

We felt so blessed and happy to be getting a beautiful baby boy that would be our "forever" child. He was a bouncing blue-eyed baby boy and we quickly fell in love with him. He made our family complete. We decided that this would be it for us and that we would no longer take any children.

Adoptive familyTwo months, almost to the date, we get another call from DFPS, explaining that our son's biological mother had given birth to another baby boy who would also be up for adoption. DFPS's goal is for siblings to be together, so they encouraged my husband and me to adopt the newborn as well.

The rest is history... It has been almost four years ago that our first son came to live with us and our baby boy was born. Now 4 and 5 years old, my boys are no longer infants, they are handsome boys who love to play T-ball and football. My husband and I adopted our kids on August 29, 2005 and this is a day that I, nor my husband, will ever forget and a day that I hope my kids will one day cherish.

For anyone who may be reading this and struggling with the decision to adopt from the state, please take a look at my family and know that all children, biological or adopted, have special needs, some less or more than other--don't let this fact keep you from opening your mind and heart to a child or sibling group with special needs.

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