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Successful Families

We jumped at the chance...

Barry and Melissa B., adoptive parents in Abilene, Texas

My husband and I found out after many years that he could not have children. This was not devastating news to us. Adoption was merely the natural next step. We began to look into adoption, but found that we couldn't afford any private agencies-neither within the United States nor overseas. We are a middle class family with a modest income.

We heard about a class being offered to become foster parents and then further heard that many adoptable children are available throughout the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services. We signed up and hoped that the Lord would provide the perfect child for us. After completing ALL the classes, paperwork, and time restraints, we were full-fledged potential adoptive parents. Time went on and on and we didn't hear a thing.

After nearly two years, we received a phone call that there was a child for us, if we were interested. We were informed of his serious developmental problems, but decided to proceed. We jumped at the chance and met our "son" on his second birthday. His foster parents invited us to his birthday party and after initial visits and an overnight stay, we brought him home with us to begin the long process of "legal risk" placement.

Our first days together were not without trials. We had never been parents before, but we doted on this child and loved him. The child that doctors told us would never walk and might never talk, with a lot of work and encouragement, became a healthy, normal, "chatty" boy. He is now excelling in Kindergarten and thrives in a Christian environment. We thank God for this little boy and the agency that introduced us into his life. May you all have the joy of adopting a child who truly needs a loving home. God Bless.

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