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Successful Families

We thought our family was complete...

Carlos and Vickie R., adoptive parents in Victoria, Texas

My husband and I always wanted children. It was never a question. After four miscarriages and fostering several children we decided that we needed to adopt.

The first child we adopted was Jonathan, a 7 month old through Christian Homes of Abilene. What a joy he has been. He is now almost 13 years old.

The new familyOur second child was adopted through the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services and she was 8 months old at placement. Her name is Anna. She is now a happy 10 year old. At the time of Anna's placement I was pregnant and gave birth 6 months later to another healthy girl KD. KD is now a happy 9 year old. We were also foster parents through all of this.

We thought our family was complete and we continued sharing our home with foster children. We thought fostering was a good way for our children to understand the process they themselves had gone through. Six years later we were called to foster Desi, a crack addicted baby. It was love at first sight. The mother gave up rights to the child and she is now our daughter. We had adopted all of our children as infants and thought we would never adopt an older child. When Desi came to us we were fostering an older child named Richard. Richard had been moved many times during his 9 years. He had 3 other siblings and all were separated. Some had already been placed in at risk adoption placements but Richard and his older brother came back into foster care after an adoption disruption. We took in Richard and another family took his brother.

All four children have now been adopted and what a blessing it has been. All four families hired the same lawyer and adopted Richard's siblings the same time we adopted Richard. They were all adopted on the same day and at the same time, just with different families. The judge pronounced them adopted at the same time. We not only added a son to our family but added more extended family. The families of Richard's siblings have all become close and cherish the time we and the children can spend together. Adoption has been a true blessing for our lives. After 14 years we are no longer doing foster care but devoting our time to our children. For our family adoption has been an answered prayer. It may be your answer as well.

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