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Successful Families

We have never regretted the decisions we made...

Owen and Velma C., adoptive parents in Ferris, TX

My husband and I decided to adopt when the youngest of our three older children turned 16. We decided to become foster parents and already had several children live with us through the years. We have had many ups and downs through the years but we have never regretted the decisions we made at any time. We have fostered 62 children. And we have adopted 10.

We still have 9 at home--our oldest is 16 and our youngest is 3. We lead a very full life. We have a multi-racial home and a special needs daughter. They are all great blessings from God. My oldest daughter (34) also has adopted two sons making her house a grand total of five. We spend great amounts of time together with her family and it is always a party. People think we are some kind of home and are always asking us questions but we always just tell them these are the kids we were supposed to have we just had to go about getting them in a different way!

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