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Successful Families

Easter Blessings

Mike and Donna S. from Bandera, Texas

Cheyane and Josephine

Our story, like many others, began when we knew we couldn't have children of our own. Having been through the foster care system myself, I felt compelled to adopt through the state foster care network. Mike agreed. With so many children waiting for homes, it seemed the logical choice for us. How great it would be to bless a child and to have our prayers answered at the same time. How little did we know that it would be us who were to be blessed...Many times over!

We had an exceptional development worker. She worked as hard to create our family as we did. Our PRIDE classes were over before they began it seemed. So much information is concentrated into just a few short weeks. (Admittedly it does not feel 'short' at the time!) With all the classes attended, and the information turned in, all we could do was wait. I got into a habit of calling her every Friday afternoon just to say hi. It was the best habit I could have made! I got to know a REAL person who quickly became a trusted friend. She was, in our opinion, one of the best worker's Texas ever had!

Then just after Easter 2005 'The Call' came! She had received an email from a worker in another town, looking for an immediate placement for a newborn baby girl. Were we interested? OF COURSE! Was all I could say. I tried to reach Mike, but he was away from his phone. I never gave it a second thought and our new baby girl was placed with us!

The year flew by! All of life's up's and down's came with this new bundle of blessings. And the blessings just multiplied. We were closing in on Cheyenne's adoption date and all was right with the world! Even though we had wanted two children, going 13 months without another call had us believing we were meant to only have one child.

Then suddenly, one day just after Easter 2006 had passed, the phone rings again. It's the caseworker who had first handed me our daughter! Do you remember me? Are you interested in...? Would you consider...? My heart stopped! She no sooner got the words out of her mouth and I told her to hold the line while I conferenced us with Mike! We could scarcely contain our joy!

Mile and Donna S. with children in CourtJosephine was still in NICU. She was only 4 days old and weighted just under 5 pounds. Mike was out on a run, and was making his way in just as fast as he could. She was with us the very next morning! When Cheyenne looked into that bassinet, she cuddled Josephine in her tiny 13 month old hands and said "Awwww!" Every heart melted! Our princesses were sisters from that first moment! And together they have shared everything from court dates to colds!

We find we can't remember our lives before children, and we wouldn't want to! Those weeks spent training and the months spent waiting for court dates to come and go are all but a distant memory.

Josephine's adoption will be finalized the first week of August. It will mark the end of a long and wonderful journey. We have all we could ever want, and more then we ever dared dream. And much of the credit goes to tireless, and rarely thanked workers of CPS foster care.

Our development worker was one in a million. When she retired, she was followed by an equally devoted woman who continues to do her best to ensure that Texas always has qualified homes for the children who so desperately need them. Our children's caseworker's are some of the best! If I were to list all the things these women have done for us and our children I'd need chapters instead of paragraphs! We're blessed and honored to be parents to two beautiful children. But the worker's who, through God's grace, brought us together will forever be the true heroes in this story.

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