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Successful Families

There is nothing that we have done as a family that has been so meaningful...

Anonymous Texas family

My husband and I are the proud parents of 4 adopted children. We were young, infertile and adopted the first 3 children through a private adoption agency. All three were adopted at birth. The oldest is in an academy for gifted children. The next child has some problems behaviorally, but is making A's and B's in school and doing well. The next child is 7 and quite an artist. When our children were 8, 5, and 4, we decided to become foster parents for Child Protective Services. There is nothing that we have done as a family that has been so meaningful!

Our kids learned so much about caring, and what a family meant. I say we were foster parents, but just as importantly, the children were foster siblings. We had six children come into our home all under the age of one. When a child is hurting and scared, having the foster siblings was the key to bringing the foster children out of their shell. We had two drug exposed infants and several abused infants, requiring alot of our time and attention. When my husbands arms and my arms grew heavy, there was always a child who would hold a baby and watch cartoons. The children were more interested in that the children would be OK and happy when they went back to relatives or rehabilitated parents.

When our sixth foster child came, the children were very excited. After 6 months, we found out that this baby needed a permanent home through adoption. This child was drug exposed and went through significant drug withdrawal for 6 - 8 weeks. Our family rocked, carried, and loved this child. A year later, he legally became our children's brother. He is a miracle, now a 2 year old who has a great sense of humor, talks constantly, and loves Barney and baseball. He is our little miracle and daily I feel the warmth of him cradled in my arms as he looks up and says, "Mama, I love you." We know there will be more problems, but the truth is that their is no greater love. Adopting or fostering from TDFPS is not always easy, there were nights in emergency rooms, children who were hurting, visits with families hoping that they could be reunited, and social workers that were at my door constantly. I miss fostering so much, but I have this little boy forever now. If you have the guts to do it, foster--there are children that need you desperately. And in return, you will gain so much more!

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