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Successful Families

Forever Mom and Dad

The Bakers, adoptive parents in Texas

Baker FamilyMy husband and I were certified by the state of Texas to adopt back in April 2003. We were both very excited to begin the adoption process. We decided to search the DFPS website that shows all the kids available for adoption.

We agreed to individually search and select our 3 possible matches. A few days later we shared our selections. We were amazed to discover that we both selected the same child.

Our adoption worker was suprised we had a match so quickly. We were soon put in contact with the child's worker to begin the adoption process. We were both apprehensive and nervous, but fully committed.

Luckily, the child's worker and foster mom were ecstatic to learn about the our inquiry. Both sets of workers worked very hard to keep the process rolling. There were days I was afraid it wasn't going to work, but I knew that everyone was working in the best interest of the child.

We brought home a child that was clinically depressed, suffered PTSD and labeled as emotionally disturbed. We knew it was a challenge, but we were committed to provide her with a forever home that was safe, loving and patient. After a transitional period, Mikaela began to feel safe and confident with her new environment. Her moods stabilized and her self-esteem blossomed. I'm happy to report that Mikaela is doing wonderfully, and loves her forever family.

However, we could not have been succesful without our support group: family, DFPS workers, foster/adoptive parents, therapists and teachers. Together we began to provide a circle of trust and permanency for Mikaela.

The day we consummated the adoption she ran out of the courthouse and yelled, "I'm finally adopted!". As my daughter, Mikaela tells me quite frequently, "Mommy, I've had a bunch of Mom's, but I was ready to have a Forever Mom and Dad." And she was!

God Bless, The Bakers

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