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Successful Families

Hope, Joy, Faith, Grace

 Shannon and Jana H. from Clyde, Texas

My husband Shannon and I have been foster parents with CPS for nearly four years. It has been a wonderful experience. We adopted 4 girls. We first adopted Hope. She is 3 now but came to us when she was five weeks old. Then, Joy, now 2 was placed with us when she was 6 months old. When we found out we could adopt Joy, we also found out she had two older sisters that needed a family. We said "No", because, we didn't have the room. We were a little afraid to adopt older children that had gone through bad experiences. However, God had a different plan for us.

One day, my husband asked "How have you been sleeping?" I replied "Terrible". We knew that God was putting this heavy weight in our hearts. My husband, Shannon prayed for a sign, and asked me to call and find out a little more about Joy's sisters.

I called and the first thing they told me was that the oldest girl and my husband, Shannon, had the same birthday! Well, this was our sign! So Joy's sisters, Faith (age 11) and Grace (age 10), came to live with us!

We enclosed the garage to make 2 nice bedrooms for them. Our church helped with a money tree for much of the expenses. Faith and Grace were nearly failing school so I held them back a year to catch up. Last school year they both made the A-B Honor Roll, and they are doing great this year too! Faith and Grace, are beautiful, healthy, adorable girls. Hope and Joy,the babies, as I call them are also healthy, adorable, and beautiful. I couldn't have done any better if I had made them myself!

You know, some children grow in their Mommy's tummies, mine grew in their Mommy's heart. I have a wonderful, supportive, incredible husband, four beautiful, smart, helpful girls, and most importantly... I am following the path the Lord my God, laid out for me before I was even born... of this I have no doubt... and it is the most magnificent feeling! God bless!

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