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Successful Families

Time is the key

Jenny A., an adoptive parent in Ocean Springs. Mississippi

In 2006, we adopted 7 children from the Corpus Christi area. There were many challenges along our journey as foster parents and through the process of adopting, but I would do it all again 100 times over. We have watched our children grow and thrive in our forever home.

Sometimes children are labeled unnecessarily and can over come many of these labels with time and love.  Time is the key and a big part of the healing process for abused children. Every day is another day closer to being healed from their past.

We have discovered our children’s special needs and have learned how to cope and deal with their individual needs. It is a challenge but it is what makes our children who they are.

If you are considering adoption or foster care you will find that the love for a child can help you over come things that you never thought possible.  May God bless you and your decision to give a child a FOREVER FAMILY.

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