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Successful Families

I always knew I would adopt children.

Carole S., adoptive parent in Fresno, TX

Alexandria's photoI always knew I would adopt children. People would ask me, "How did you know?" That question doesn't have a simple answer; it's something that can't be explained except for the fact that you know deep in your heart that is what you are supposed to do. There are so many children in need of parents and I figured I could help one...two...

As a single person I believed that a child with one parent is better than a child with no parents and so I prayed about it and then contacted TDFPS and began the process. My family and close friends were and still are very supportive of me and my endeavor. In June of 1997 I completed my MAPP (now known as PRIDE) class and began my journey.

On December 23, 1997, Alexandria was placed in my home at the age of 20 months. We instantly bonded and the challenges of being a parent began i.e. diapers and potty training. I describe her as my Christmas present and she has grown and flourished into a beautiful and talented 7 year old with the maturity of a teenager. I can't remember life without Alexandria and I can't believe that this little baby is now a big sister. Yes, Alexandria wanted a sibling and I wanted another child and we were blessed with a new addition.

Julianna's photoIn August of 2003, Julianna was placed in our home at 4 1/2 years old; she's described as my birthday present. Julianna and Alexandria instantly hit it off and are inseparable. It's amazing to see these two little girls grow so attached to each other and tosee how easily Julianna fit into the family dynamics. When asked how Julianna is adjusting all I can say is "She's just happy." She is full of so much love and affection and is truly happy to have a mommy and a sister. My caseworker is amazed ho well adjusted my daughters are and how smooth each placement has been. I can only attribute that to God, my family and friends, and my church. The saying holds true "It takes a village." I don't know what the future holds, but I do know that I have been blessed with the adoption of my daughters.

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