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Successful Families

I want that said about me

Tony and Tiffany K. from Redwater, Texas

Photo of Tony and Tiffany K.Our birth son, T.J., was 1 year old when we considered adoption. Family members and friends all wondered why we would adopt a child if you can have your own. Our answer is very simple: While watching a talk show one day about African-American families not adopting African-American children, it seemed to strike us hard. We're Christians and wanted to help a child in need. We took the PRIDE classes, had our home study, and were even allowed to bring our 1 year old to the classes.

One day a year later, our caseworker showed up with a lot of files and pictures and we picked out our child. There he was, with a few internal medical problems and 4 years old. We thought he even looked like us. We did visits, all got to know each other, and suddenly he moved in. Seven months later, the adoption was final. The court hearing in the judge's chambers only lasted 20 minutes.

Our adoptive son is 5 now and he's incredibly smart. We all have so much fun together, taking the kids to ride in their Jeep and on their bikes. Our new son loves church and loves to worship the Lord with us.

When you adopt a child like we did you have the opportunity to give them a clean slate. The same week the adoption became final, his foster mother, the brave woman who cared for him from the time he was a baby to the age of four, died of cancer. Sitting at her funeral, with tears in our eyes, we listened to the all those who spoke about her. "She loved children, took care of so many, and had a big heart," they said.

All I could think to myself was when I die, I want that said about me.

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