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Successful Families

Scholastic Star

Victor and Rhonda L., an adoptive family in Georgia

It sounds corny, but Brandy filled the void in our family. She came in as the middle child and the changes she has brought about in us cannot be expressed in words. The changes she has made in herself are unbelievable! She went from barely getting by to a scholastic star.

In her words:

"It was very confusing when I was in foster care because I got moved a lot. It was hard for me because most of the time I was stressed and I really didn’t have anyone to depend on. I really needed someone to talk to about how I felt and what I wanted. Whenever I got to know somebody I got moved.

BrandyGoing to school was stressful because I had to learn different things at each school and so much was rushing through my mind that I couldn’t handle it. It was coming down like a heavy rock. Too much pressure was being put on me. Just before I met my parents I stayed with Rosa, my foster mom. She was great and helped me get ready for my new home. I really miss her and her husband, Frank. Rosa was like my best friend. She made me feel like I could talk to her anytime. When I moved, it was really sad because I did not want to leave.

I had two blue bags filled with my stuff when I moved in with my parents. I am very happy, but school was still hard. When I was living in Texas I made all F’s. I was never an "A" student. When I moved to Georgia my mom and dad helped me in everything and now I am an "A" student. I’ve been an Asian Tiger throughout the year!"

Brandy has been selected to go to Washington for "People to People". I want to thank her worker, Nicole, who went above and beyond in her job and we still email her from time to time. We are very proud of what Brandy has achieved and who knows what other achievements are in her future!


Victor and Rhonda L.

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