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Successful Families

I really started out like everyone else...

Lynn F., adoptive parent in Pearland, Texas

People always ask why I wanted to be a mother of 5 (especially since I'm single with a full time job). I really started out like everyone else thinking of a two parent family with two children, a dog and and SUV. After many years spent in job training, I was ready to meet Mr. Right. Mrs. Right, however, had married him several years before. I decided to skip a step and consider adoption.

The Lord led me to my first two children on the internet, before I had even started PRIDE classes. Against the odds, I finished the classes and was approved while they were still waiting. Seven months from the first time I saw their photos, Stephanie age 11 and Michael age 10 came home. We had some typical rocky moments in the first 6 months, but all of us were committed and with the help of our social worker from Spaulding for Children we did well.

Photo of Lynn's five children riding horses.The kids had come from a foster family of 5, and they wanted brothers and sisters. A couple years later we decided we had room for one more...but then we found three more. Thanks to the efforts of our Spaulding worker and a super CPS worker, Damon Treadway in Lubbock, Laura (5), Ian (4) and Sean (3) were placed in mid-2003.

We don't have much quiet time at our farm, with 6 people riding horses, doing farm chores and raising various pets. But we have lots of fun and I would do it all over again in a minute. Friends and acquaintances are always commenting on how wonderful my children are. I can't take all the credit, but I can recommend older child adoption without reservation! Oh, and I never did get that SUV, but we may have to if any more children join the family...

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