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Successful Families

We never thought of giving up...

Linda H., an adoptive parent in La Feria, Texas

It all started the day after Christmas. Something was missing. With two professional careers, time off over the summers, lots of holidays, and no children, we decided to adopt.

Wednesday's Child, a weekly look at children up for adoption with the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services, was impetus start there. We called the local office and asked lots of questions about the process thus, began our adventure. We returned forms the next day, but soon learned we were only at the beginning of a process. Eventually, we leaned about things like requirements for annual first aid and CPR, health and safety inspections, 12 weeks of training, interviews in our home after a walk through with the social worker, securing a lawyer, and more paperwork. Finally, in our own home town two blocks away, we found our Joey.

Would we do it again? Yes, three times over. What got me through this was a journal -- I filled two of them before Joey. Did my husband and I hate the wait? YES! We now, however, have a healthy boy who loves to talk and sing, who is healthy, and a typical little boy. In fact, one thing that really seemed to help our "case" was making a photo album of our home, our interests, child's bedroom waiting, jobs, family, friends; better known now as a hobby called "scrapping" as in scrap book.

By the way, we are currently looking for another child or two, again! So, how bad could it be? We never thought of giving up that is just not our style. We went on with our lives during this process although not a day went by that we didn't think of what the future might hold for us. The best advice is to leave this up to he one who decides all things. He will provide. By the way, if you didn't have faith before this process you certainly will afterwards. Good Luck!

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