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Successful Families

It was time to adopt

Laurie S., an adoptive parent in Jackson, Tennessee

Laurie S. and family

After fostering 32 children in a 5-year period, saying good-bye became too heart wrenching, so I decided it was time to adopt.  After several months of applying for children I received an e-mail from the State of Texas about a sibling group of five children I had inquired about. The children, who were between the ages of 4 and 11, had experienced much loss and grief including multiple placements and a failed adoption.

With the experiences my birth children and I had accepting and loving all of our foster children, I felt we could commit to the children and expand our family forever. Within a few weeks we were chosen as the "forever family." Just shy of three months later we were able to go to Texas to bring them home.

I had sent a photo album with snapshots of each of my four birth children and myself to familiarize the children with their new family and home. Due to a flight delay, we were several hours late to meet the children. They were all sleeping except for my eldest daughter. When I went in to the bedroom to see my sleeping babies, ages 4, 5 and 7, I was overcome with emotion upon seeing how tiny and vulnerable they were. My 4 year old son popped his eyes open, gasped and jumped out of his bed throwing his arms around me. He knew.

Giving birth to four wonderful children was an amazing gift from God. Holding my chosen children in my arms for the first time was an equally spiritual moment.

My children have been with me for nearly four years and are now between the ages of 8 and 15. Our journey together has been full of much work and abundant love and joy. It took time for the children to honestly believe they were not going to unexpectedly have to leave some day. They have grown and blossomed in so many ways, it is inspirational.  They have all said when they grow up they would like to adopt children as well. They also would like for our family to adopt again so they may share what is now theirs to share, a stable, loving "forever family."

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