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Successful Families

She keeps our lives full of unconditional love...

Kris and Dave H., adoptive parents in Norton, Ohio

In January 1997, we decided to adopt our second child. We had several heartbreaks of not being selected for a child. After 16 long months of longing to add to our family, Adopt America Network asked us if we would be interested in a soon-to-be 2 yr. old "special needs" Hispanic child in Texas.

After consulting our pediatrician to discuss our feelings about the child's special needs and the issue of raising two 2-year-olds, we had our paperwork sent to Texas. In May 1998 we received some medical information, birth family history, and 3 beautiful pictures of the child we now prayed would become our daughter. On July 1, 1998 I called Texas and spoke to the caseworker. We discussed the medical information, the milestones achieved and the milestones the child may or may not achieve. I was able to talk to the foster mom , who right away, I knew was a great person and she wanted only the best for "her baby" who she had parented since the age of 1 month.

On July 1998 we made a video tape introducing ourselves to our new daughter, Angel. There was still alot of paperwork to prepare for an interstate adoption but we were sent more pictures and a video of Angel so we could introduce Angel to her new brother, 2 year old Matthew. In August 1998, we visited with our daughter Angel and met her foster mom at the airport in San Antonio. At the end of the long corridor stood our Angel, with her long brown hair, slightly slanted brown eyes, slightly broader face with a tiny nose and small mouth, and an extra chromosome. You see, Angel was born with Down Syndrome and a heart defect and will live with a pacemaker but more importantly she was born with a big, loving heart and a big, beautiful smile. Angel keeps our lives full of unconditional love and happiness. She reminds us to live life to it's fullest today and enjoy what God has sent our way. All children are gifts from God and we need to remember this everyday!

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