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Successful Families

Whispers of Angels

Gayla & Anthony S. from Tyler, Texas

Photo of Gayla and Anthony and their 3 children.My high school boyfriend and I decided we would adopt a child or two after we got married and settled down. This thought was inspired after reading about a celebrity family who had adopted many children. Then after 5 years of marriage and trying to have a child we knew adoption was our only option. We found private adoption agencies would be too costly. I called TDFPS in Tyler and they informed us of the 30 hour PRIDE training required. We felt this was a bit much but we attended every class. We are glad we did! It was a wonderful program that helps couples prepare for the changes ahead and how to be good adoptive and foster parents. We finished the course run by Julie O'Brien in May and were told it would take time to locate a child.

We were getting discouraged when I received a call at work from our case worker. They had an emergency situation with a 2 1/2 year old boy that needed an immediate placement with the possibility of adoption.

I remember it as if it was yesterday. I was so excited and could not wait to share the information with my husband. We did not hesitate for fear he would be placed elsewhere. We still hadn't completed everything and had to rush through a 6 month process in 2 weeks. He is the greatest thing. He has brown curly hair and immediately called me "Mommy" which made my heart melt. We knew he was a gift from God to our family.

His foster parent, Annette Smith, wrote a book and a short story of our first visit was published in her book "The Whispers of Angels". Just when we thought it couldn't get any better, I received a call at work from our caseworker. She said there was a 14 month old girl and her soon to be born sibling eligible for adoption. I couldn't reach my husband, but I immediately said YES, put us on the list! I knew nothing about these kids, but I put my faith in God. My husband was hesitant to expand our family from 2 to 5 in less than 2 years. But with God's help, the determination of our case worker, and our desire to be a real family, we were chosen. I thank God everyday for my family. I have mailed a photo to be added of our happy family.

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