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Successful Families

WOW! Has it been a year already?

Shonna, H., a foster and adoptive parent in Houston

Cameron's PhotoI started out as a foster parent primarily because I love children and have worked with them in some capacity all of my life. Although I had thought about foster care before, it was due to my late fiancé that those thoughts became a reality. I can't say I always loved being a foster parent but I absolutely loved working with the children in foster care. They have their challenging moments to say the least, but I love a challenge. Every time I saw improvement or goals met, I couldn't help but feel overwhelming joy and pride in how incredibly strong these children are to have overcome such obstacles so early in their lives. It truly is inspirational. I admit I am not sure who got more out of the experience, the children or myself.

After fostering the same group of children for nearly three years, I finalized the adoption of my son, Cameron one year ago. WOW! Has it been a year already? This young man has done tremendously well and has had quite a year. He was baptized and had his first communion in April. He is doing wonderfully in home school and has made up the year he was held back before going into foster care. He is an outstanding young man and I am super proud of him.

It is my desire to adopt five more children, three of whom are a sibling group, one is the sibling of my son, and one young man who was with us for only 4 months but became a part of our family. I love these children dearly and I promised them I would never give up on trying to get them home.

I cannot tell you how important adoption is, especially to these children in foster care. Yes, they have some behavior issues but every child does. These children need love, understanding, patience, and discipline. They need parents that love them unconditionally forever.

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