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Success Stories

Learn how people just like you have been blessed by fostering and adopting children, and read how those people have made such a positive difference in the lives of our children. Or, share your own success story with us!
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Tina Williams and sister

Tina Williams of the Arlington District won the National Independent Living Association (NILA) annual Youth of the Year award on September 30, 2004. [read her story]

Brandy in school, 2006

It sounds corny, but Brandy filled the void in our family. She came in as the middle child and the changes she has brought about in us cannot be expressed in words. The changes she has made in herself are unbelievable! She went from barely getting by to a scholastic star. [read her story]

What makes an adoptive family successful?

Successful adoptive families:

  • have a good sense of humor
  • have tolerance for negative feelings
  • don't have predetermined expectations
  • are flexible and able to cope with rejection
  • know how to use resources and ask for support
  • are able to provide structure
  • have the ability to meet personal needs
  • are comfortable with the fact that they may make mistakes
  • have guts, endurance, commitment, and faith and
  • are full of affection.

Adapted from Characteristics of Successful Adoptive Families, Spaulding for Children, © 1989

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