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Thousands of Texas Children Need Families

National Adoption Awareness Month Highlights Children Awaiting Adoption

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Tuesday, November 1, 2016
MORE INFORMATION: Regional Media Specialist

November is National Adoption Month and more than 6,000 Texas children and teens are waiting for adoption. Many ask themselves, "Why not me? Why can't I have a family?"

The good news is that more Texas children than ever before (5,672) got the answer they were looking for when they were adopted into their own forever family last year. Yet more children enter foster care every day in Texas. Some won't be able to return home and will eventually need adoptive families to start new lives that are free from abuse or neglect.

Older children tend to stay in foster care longer. This November, the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services (DFPS) is asking caring adults, “Why not you? Why not adopt an older child?”

There are many adoption events across the state this month that put the spotlight on the many children waiting for a permanent family.

The average number of Texas children awaiting adoption increased by 31 percent over the last decade, but declined by almost 2 percent over the last year. Meanwhile, the number of children adopted from state care in Texas increased 3.2 percent over the last year and 68 percent over the last decade.

"Texas is doing a better job of finding permanent homes for children, but that's small consolation to any child who does not have one.  Please help if you can by adopting an abused or neglected child," said DFPS Commissioner Hank Whitman.

Texas needs adoptive parents for children of all ages. Some of these children have special medical, physical, or emotional needs. The one thing they all have in common is the need for a forever family.

What greater gift than the gift of family? Children are waiting at

Find out more about becoming an adoptive parent, because no child should ask, “Why not me?"

Adoption by the Numbers

  • 3,329 - The monthly average number of children in Texas Foster Care who are in need of an adoptive placement. This is a 3% decrease from the previous year.

  • 3,199 - The number of children in DFPS who were awaiting adoption as of September 2019.
  • 6,059 – The number of children adopted from Texas foster care in fiscal year 2019. This is a 6.7% increase from the previous year.
  • 21 – The minimum age to be eligible to adopt a child in Texas.
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