The Texas DFPS fingerprinting vendor’s website provides a simple and mobile-friendly experience for scheduling fingerprinting appointments.

In order to schedule a fingerprinting appointment, you must first have a six-digit Service Code. See the FAQ for How do I find my service code to locate your specific service code.

Scheduling Your Fingerprint Appointment

To schedule an appointment over the phone, call (855) 845-7434, and provide the service code.

To schedule an appointment online, complete the steps on this page:

Note: If you reside outside of Texas and are unable to be fingerprinted at an approved enrollment center, you must use the Instructions for Submitting FBI Fingerprint Cards to register a hard card submission with the fingerprinting vendor before mailing a hard card of your fingerprints to the fingerprinting vendor.

  1. Go to the IdentoGO website
  2. Enter your Service Code on the first screen and click "Go".
    IdentoGO first screen
  3. Click on "Schedule or Manage Appointment".
    screenshot of 11BRHH - TEXAS CPS Foster/Adoptive Household Members and Visitors
  4. Select either "UEID / Date of Birth" or "Name / Method of Contact".

    NOTE: Choosing the "UEID / Date of Birth" option is the better option. If you provided an email address when your background check was requested, your UEID is provided in an email from the fingerprinting vendor. See the FAQ for What is a UEID for more information about UEID numbers.

    If you didn't receive an email, please email Ask Background Checks to obtain your UEID number.

    1. If you choose “UEID / Date of Birth”, enter your UEID number and date of birth.
      screenshot of 11BRHH choosing UEID Date of Birth radio button
    2. If you choose "Name / Method of Contact", enter your full legal name, date of birth, and method of contact.
      NOTE: This information must match the information entered when your background check was requested
      screenshot of choosing Name/Method of Contact
  5. Verifty and enter additional details on the next several screens.
  6. Schedule a fingerprint appointment at the nearest enrollment center.

If you are experiencing difficulty scheduling a fingerprint appointment, and you have followed the instructions listed above, please contact IdentoGO at (855) 845-7434. You may also email Ask Background Checks to report any customer service issues you are unable to resolve with IdentoGO. When contacting BC staff, please include your full name and date of birth in the body of your email.