Child Care Licensing (CCL) is required to perform a comprehensive review of minimum standard rules every six years. The main purpose of this review is to ensure all active rule requirements are relevant, serve the intended purpose, are reasonable and reduce the risk to children in out-of-home care.

In preparation for the review of minimum standards, CCL conducted a web-based survey open to permit holders, caregivers, advocates, parents, CCL staff and anyone in the general public interested in commenting on the standards in 2014.

In addition, CCL held a series of 31 stakeholder forums throughout the state between September and November of 2015 to solicit additional input from the public about proposed changes to the minimum standards.

Feedback received from the web-based survey and stakeholder forums, along with a line-by-line review of all minimum standards conducted by both regional and State Office Licensing staff, form the basis for the minimum standard rule revisions.

Types of Revisions

There are three types of revisions made to minimum standard rules.

Amendment - changes to an existing rule (may include changes to wording, changes to requirements, additional requirements, deletion of requirements)

Repeal - deletion of an existing rule (some moved to be included with another existing rule and others deleted completely)

New - addition of new rule

This presentation is designed to help you become familiar with the 2017 Texas Child Care Licensing minimum standard rule revisions for Chapter 744 and includes information and scenarios in the form of questions. Your answers will not be graded or tracked. The questions are designed to serve as a learning tool.

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