Subchapter C. Minimum Standard Rule Revisions that May Affect Compliance

Child Receiving Immunization

744.623 What documentation is acceptable for immunization records?

This rule has been amended to clarify the documentation requirements that are acceptable for an immunization record. Immunization records must be:

• An official immunization record generated from a state or local health authority, including a record from another state.Examples include a record from the Texas Immunization Registry, a copy of the current immunization record that is on file at the pre-kindergarten or school that the child attends, or the health passport for a child in the conservatorship of DFPS; or

• An official immunization record or photocopy. An example includes a record from a doctor's office or a pharmacy.  

744.705 Must someone from my child-care center sign the Incident/Illness Report form?

This rule has been amended to specify that the Incident/Illness Report form must be completed by the caregiver who witnesses the incident.

Lead caregiver, Samantha, and Assistant caregiver, Karen, are supervising their class on the playground when Karen witnesses Victor fall and injure himself.

Which of the following individuals is responsible for completing the Incident/Illness Report form?


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