Subchapter N. Minimum Standard Rule Revisions for Clarity and Consistency

Manufacturer Instructions for Inflatables

The minimum standard rules listed below now include clarification to follow product manufacturer instructions.

744.3101 What minimum safety requirements must my active play equipment meet?

This rule has been amended to clarify that active play equipment must be used according to the manufacturer's instructions.

744.3351 May I use inflatable active play equipment?

This rule has been amended to clarify that inflatable equipment must be used according to manufacturer's instructions.

Where are manufacturer instructions for my active play equipment?

Most equipment will have a product label with specific use instructions. Product labels are generally included on the back, bottom or side of the product.

Technical Assistance: You can always go to the manufacturer's web site to obtain additional product details in the case you have questions or want to access printable information to share with employees or parents.


What if manufacturer instructions conflict with a minimum standard rule requirement?

If manufacturer instructions differ from minimum standard rule requirements, you should follow the manufacturer's instructions as they are experts in their product field.

Technical Assistance: It is important to ensure you are not using products that may have been recalled by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). You can choose to become a part of the CPSC mailing list, which sends product recall updates. In addition, CPSC hosts a variety of safety education for products you likely use in your child care operation.

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