Subchapter L. Minimum Standard Rule Revisions that May Affect Compliance

746.2805 What types of discipline and guidance or punishment are prohibited?

This rule has been amended to further specify certain prohibited discipline by clarifying that:

• a child cannot be placed in a dark room, whether the door is closed or not; and

• a child cannot be required to remain silent or inactive for inappropriately long periods of time for the child's age, including requiring a child to remain in a restrictive device.

 Dark Room

Caregiver, Anna, has repeatedly asked 5 year old Thomas to stop running up the slide. Because Thomas is not listening, Anna sends Thomas to the office where he is made to stand in a dark closet until he promises to listen to his teacher. The door is open and an adult is always in the office.

Is this operation complying with the amended minimum standard rule?


Four year old Rodrick has had another explosive outburst in the classroom. His caregiver contacts the director, Jamie, who decides to take Rodrick to the "quiet space", a converted empty storage closet in her office decorated with soft pillows, books and calming music. Jamie always keeps the door open and has the ability to supervise both visually and auditorily.

Will Jamie be violating the amended minimum standard rule by continuing this practice?


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