Subchapter Q. Minimum Standard Rule Revisions for Clarity and Consistency

Revisions for Clarity and Consistency

746.3309 May parents provide meals and/or snacks for their children instead of my child-care center providing these?

This rule has been amended to delete "meals" from subsection (d) because parents must not be providing meals for other children and to specify that snacks provided by parents cannot be shared unless provided for celebration and that shared snacks meet the needs of children who require special diets.

746.3313 Can I make substitutions and/or rotate the daily menus?

In addition to changing the name of the rule (formerly Must I post and maintain daily menus?), this rule has been amended to delete the information related to posting menus and keeping the menus because these requirements are already outlined in 746.401 What items must I post at my child-care center at all times? and 746.803 How long must I keep these records at my child-care center?.

Does my operation need to indicate and keep record of substitutions for children who have food allergies?

No, however, it is best practice to plan your menus to include substitutions for children who have food allergies on days when prohibited food items are being served.


Technical Assistance: Consider circling or highlighting instances of food items on your menu that are listed on each child's food allergy emergency plan. For each of those instances, include the substitution on your menu.


Example: Your operation serves afternoon snacks. As you are planning your menu, you decide that you will serve peanut butter crackers for afternoon snack each Monday and Thursday of the month. Since you have children who cannot be served peanut butter, you indicate that cheese crackers will be served as the replacement for children who have peanut allergies.

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