Subchapter T. Minimum Standard Rule Revisions for Clarity and Consistency

Revisions for Clarity and Consistency

746.4207 Do these indoor activity space requirements apply to my child-care center if it was licensed before September 1, 2003?

This rule has been amended to simplify the language for better readability and ease of understanding.

746.4213 How does Licensing determine the indoor activity space?

This rule has been amended to clarify that measurements for indoor activity space will be rounded up to the nearest inch and to incorporate the definition for "single-use areas" because this is the only rule for which the term applies.

Single-use area - Area not routinely used for children's activities, such as a bathroom, hallway, storage room, cooking area of a kitchen, swimming pool, and storage building.

746.4503 Must I provide a cot or mat for each child to sleep or rest on?

In addition to modifying the wording for better readability and understanding, this rule has been amended to:

• clarify that a center may require a parent to provide the cot or mat for the child;

• delete the individual crib requirement because it is already required at 746.2405 What furnishings and equipment must I have in the infant care area?; and

• delete the naptime requirements because they are already required at 746.2901 Must children have a naptime every day?.

746.4507 Must I have a telephone at my child-care center?

This rule has been amended to delete an outdated reference to coin operated pay phones.

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