Subchapter V. Minimum Standard Rule Revisions that May Affect Compliance

Sprinkler Play

Splash Pad

746.5015 Are there specific safety requirements for sprinkler play?

This rule has been amended to clarify that:

• children must not be left alone with sprinkler equipment; and

• the splash pad/sprinkler play area must be maintained according to manufacturer's instructions.


What is sprinkler play?

Sprinkler play includes various types of water play that are non-pooling (not a standing body of water) and can range from purchasing an attachment for a water hose to professionally installed water play systems like splash pads.


What will my Licensing Inspector look for?

Your Licensing Inspector will be looking to ensure you are following the manufacturer's instructions for maintenance and use. If your sprinkler play equipment does not provide instructions for surface use, you must follow the minimum standard rule requirements.

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