Subchapter M. Minimum Standard Rule Revisions that May Affect Compliance


747.2805 Are children required to sleep during this time?

This rule has been amended to specify that children must not be confined in a restrictive device to make the children rest or sleep.

747.2811 May I darken the room while children are sleeping?

This rule has been amended to specify that lighting cannot be lowered to the point that a person's eyes require adjusting for the person to be able to see upon entering the room.

My operation does not have a dimming lighting system. Does this mean we have to leave the lights on during naptime?

No. You may lower the lighting as long as a person's eyes do not require adjusting upon entering the room. If your rooms have large windows, consider opening window coverings to see if natural sunlight is sufficient to meet this requirement. You might also consider a lamp or two.

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