Subchapter B. Minimum Standard Rule Revisions that May Affect Compliance

Permit Holder

747.207 What are my responsibilities as the primary caregiver?

This rule has been amended to clarify that the permit holder is responsible for ensuring the number of children in care never exceeds the registration or license capacity of the child care home, even when the children are away from the home (e.g. field trips).

Operational Policies

747.501 What written operational policies must I have?

This rule has been amended to specify:

• that the required written discipline and guidance policy must be consistent with Subchapter L (a copy of Subchapter L may be used for your discipline and guidance policy); and

• that operational policies must specify how parents can access a copy of the minimum standard rules online.

In addition to these specifications, this rule has been amended to include new operational policy requirements for safe sleep for infants 12 months and younger that is consistent with the rules in subchapter H of this chapter and address sleep requirements and restrictions, including sleep positioning, and crib requirements and restrictions, including mattresses, bedding, blankets, toys, and restrictive devices.You may use Form 2550, Operational Policy on Infant Safe Sleep, which includes the minimum standard rules in Subchapter H, as part of your safe sleep operational policies or create your own operational policies as long as they are aligned with the safe sleep practices outlined in Subchapter H. Subchapter H of this presentation will provide additional information surrounding new and amended rule requirements for infant safe sleep.

Technical Assistance: When writing operational policies, it is best to be as clear as possible and to include all necessary details. Consider what a parent might ask and address the answers to those questions. You might find it helpful to ask a friend or peer to review your operational policies to identify information you may have left out. Consider applying the technique of identifying Who, What, When, Where, Why and How.

Policy Updates

747.505 What must I do when I change an operational policy or an item in the enrollment agreement?

This rule has been amended to specify that when you change an operational policy or enrollment agreement, you must notify:

• your caregivers of changes;

• the parents in writing of any changes; and

- parents must sign and date the updated information

- you must keep a copy of the signed and dated updated records in the child's records

• household members of any changes to your home's discipline and guidance policy.

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