Subchapter B. Minimum Standard Rule Revisions for Clarity and Consistency

Revisions for Clarity and Consistency

747.209 Must I maintain liability insurance?

This rule was repealed and its content has been added to a Helpful Information box following 747.207 What are my responsibilities as the primary caregiver?.

747.301 What changes regarding my child-care home must I notify Licensing about before making the change?

This rule has been amended to add the definition of "child-care location", which was removed from the definitions rule (747.123 What do certain words and terms mean when used in this chapter?) and to add nighttime care as another example of a new service that requires written notification to licensing.

747.401 What items must I post at my child-care home during hours of operation?

This rule has been amended to:

• replace the term "item" with "record" to clarify that the documents posted are child care records that must be maintained according to 747.803 How long must I keep these records at my child-care home?;

• delete the reference to Chapter 745 regarding the definition of "employee", because "employee" was added to the definitions in 747.123 of this chapter; and

• clarify that household members who prepare or serve food must also be aware of each child's food allergies.

747.403 What telephone numbers must I post and where must I post them?

This rule has been amended to require all telephone numbers be posted in a prominent place within the home and to clarify the wording of the rule for accuracy.

747.503 Must I provide parents with a copy of my operational policies?

This rule has been amended to clarify that the parent signature for the enrollment agreement and the operational policies may be a signature on one document or several documents.

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