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There are two groups of items. Match the items in group 1 with the items in group 2.

Group 1:
(repealed) 747.105 What do certain words and terms mean in this subchapter?
(repealed) 747.113 Who is responsible for complying with these minimum standards?
(repealed) 747.107 What types of operations do these minimum standards apply to?
(repealed) 747.103 What do certain pronouns mean when used in this chapter?
(repealed) 747.111 What is a licensed child-care home?
(repealed) 747.109 What is a registered child-care home?

Group 2:
(new) 747.113
(new) 747.117
(new) 747.115
(new) 747.121
(new) 747.123
(new) 747.111

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