Rule: What must orientation for household members at my child-care home include?

House Hold Member Orientation

Minimum standard rules now specify information you must include in your orientation for household members. The information child care homes must provide to household members includes:

  • an overview of your home's child-care policies, including discipline and guidance practices and the procedures for the release of children, and the provision of copies of these practices and procedures
  • an overview of symptoms of child abuse and neglect and the responsibility for reporting these
  • the procedures to follow in handling emergencies (emergencies include fire, explosion, tornado, toxic fumes, volatile individuals, and severe injury or illness of a child or adult)
  • the location and use of fire extinguishers and first-aid equipment

Consider This!

Martha is preparing to provide orientation to household members. Martha knows there are specific topics that must be addressed as part of orientation for household members.

Which of the following topics is Martha required to include in orientation to her child care home?

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Consider This!

Ida has been a Registered Child Care Home provider for three years. Ida provided orientation to household members according to the previous rule requirement.

Is Ida required to provide orientation to household members again to meet compliance with the newly amended rule?



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