Rule: How many annual clock hours must be obtained?

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As you review the changes to annual training requirements, you may notice that many of the changes match those made to orientation and pre-service training requirements. There are three main changes to annual training requirements that are the same for caregivers and directors and apply to chapter 744 and chapter 746.

Change 1: Amendment

If a caregiver provides care for children younger than 24 months of age, one clock hour of the annual training hours must cover the following topics:

  • recognizing and preventing shaken baby syndrome and abusive head trauma
  • understanding and using safe sleep practices and preventing sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS)
  • understanding early childhood brain development

Change 2: Addition

There are six new topics that must be covered as part of director and caregiver annual training hours. There are no clock hour requirements for these new topics, which include:

1. emergency preparedness

2. preventing the spread of communicable diseases, including immunizations

3. administering medication, if applicable

4. preventing and controlling and responding to emergencies due to food or an allergic reaction

5. understanding building and physical premises safety, including identification and protection from hazards that can cause bodily injury such as electric hazards, bodies of water, and vehicular traffic

6. handling, storing, and disposing of hazardous materials

Change 3: Amendment

No more than 80% of the annual training hours may be obtained through self-instructional training. No more than three hours of the self-instructional training may come from a person reading written materials or watching a video on their own.

What is 80% of annual training hours?

The table below shows the amount of training hours that may be self-instructional. For example, If you are the director of a child care center (chapter 746), you are required to obtain 30 clock hours of annual training, 24 of which can be obtain from self-instructional sources.



Annual Hours


Chapter 744

Operation Director



Site Director or Caregiver



Chapter 746

Operation Director






About Self-Instructional Training

Training someone receives from reading written materials or watching a video on his own is a type of self-instructional training referred to as self-study. See the definitions below.

Self-Instructional Training - Training designed to be used by one individual working alone and at the individual's own pace to complete lessons or modules. An example of this type of training is web-based training. Self-study training is also a type of self-instructional training.

Self-Study Training - Non-standardized training where an individual reads written materials, watches a training video, or listens to a recording to obtain certain knowledge that is required for annual training.

Consider This!

The six new training topics included in annual training requirements must be covered in separate trainings specific to the topic.


Consider This!

Jenny is discussing the new annual training requirements with her employees. She shares a tentative schedule of in-house trainings that will be conducted by an outside agency. She knows the training she will provide from this agency will easily make up at least 30% of the annual training requirements for caregivers. She plans to have the remaining annual training hours come from self-instructional sources.

Is Jenny meeting compliance with the minimum standard requirements for the amount of self-instructional training allowed?


Consider This!

Sam decides to complete some of his annual training requirements. He has already received 10 hours of in-house instructor-led training. To meet the remaining 14 hours, his employer has provided a list of resources from which Sam can access self-instructional training. Sam completes several self-instructional online courses and saves his certificates. He has four hours of annual training left to complete. To make these hours, he reads several CDC articles about child development, which takes about 1.5 hours. He then views a series of educational videos regarding child-teacher interaction and age-appropriate activities, which takes a little over 3 hours.

Is Sam meeting his annual training hour requirements? Choose the answer option that best describes why or why not.



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