This list only includes licensed child care operations that have had a permit revoked or involuntarily suspended in the last five years. Licensed child care operations that closed for other reasons or closed more than five years ago are not listed here. Registered and Listed Homes that had their permit revoked or suspended after December 13, 2010 will be listed permanently. Also, this list only includes revocations or involuntary suspensions that are finalized, not those which are still under review or appeal. For further information, please contact your local Child Care Licensing office. Child Care Licensing office.

Operation Type What are the types of child care operations? Revocation or Suspension What is Revocation or Suspension? Final Notification Date Suspension Begin Date Suspension End Date Operation/ Caregiver Name Permit Number Location County
Listed Family Home Revocation 12/20/2010 Beatriz Moncivais 888434 1905 HIDALGO BLVD ZAPATA TX 78076 3608 ZAPATA
Listed Family Home Revocation 12/17/2010 Elia Rodriguez 888728 5321 VICKI LN ZAPATA TX 78076 9534 ZAPATA
Listed Family Home Revocation 8/1/2011 Irma Laura Garza 968246 2203 CARLA ST ZAPATA TX 78076 3656 ZAPATA
Listed Family Home Revocation 8/1/2011 Yolanda Rivera 975906 401 MIRA FLORES AVE ZAPATA TX 78076 3203 ZAPATA
Listed Family Home Revocation 8/31/2011 Leticia Mata 977167 1108 N 13TH AVE CRYSTAL CITY TX 78839 2747 ZAVALA
Listed Family Home Revocation 3/30/2011 Lydia Olivarez 886333 411 E DIMMIT ST CRYSTAL CITY TX 78839 3613 ZAVALA
Listed Family Home Revocation 4/6/2015 Andrea Merz 1472047
Registered Child-Care Home Revocation 8/9/2019 11:58:12 AM Ashley Booker 1622796
Listed Family Home Revocation 7/31/2012 Dana Alexander 891055
Registered Child-Care Home Revocation 4/11/2013 Karen Arellano 1366326
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