About Region 1


Title Name / Email
President/CEO Diane Carver
Chief Operating Officer Cristian Garcia
Director of Foster Care Scott Mansfield
Director of Permanency and Reunification Jack Noles
Director of Placement, Transportation, & Provider Relations Nicole Locker


June 2019: DFPS Awards Contract for Region 1

On June 13, 2019, DFPS awarded a Community-Based Care contract in Region 1 to Saint Francis Ministries.

Saint Francis Ministries is a child and family services ministry serving more than 31,000 people in Texas and other states, as well as El Salvador and Honduras. Saint Francis’ work encompasses foster care, therapeutic foster care, adoption, family preservation, residential care, and community outreach services.


  • Signed Contract DFPS and Saint Francis Ministries
  • Exhibit A Region 1 Statement of Work
  • Exhibit B – Region 1 Uniform Terms and Conditions


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1516 Region 1 Adoption Checklist
1517 Region 1 Initial Coordination Meeting (ICM)
1518 Region 1 Removal