About Region 8a


Title Name / Email
President/CEO Annette Rodriguez
Chief Operating Officer Raquel Garza-Martinez
Chief Culture Management and Shared Services Officer Cathy Pover
Director of Consumer Affairs Angelica Burns
Director of Quality Assurance and Contracts Leslie Pastrano
Senior Director or Placement Coordination Michelle Cammack
Director of Intake and Placement Roxanna Garcia


DFPS Awards Contract for Bexar County

On August 3, 2018, DFPS awarded a Community-Based Care contract in Bexar County to Family Tapestry, a division of the Children’s Shelter.

The Children’s Shelter is a nationally accredited community-based organization with a history of serving Bexar County and San Antonio since 1901. It delivers trauma-informed care for children and families through a continuum of services that include residential, foster care, mental health, and community based services.


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1514 Region 8A Removal Staffing Checklist 
1515 Region 8 Adoption Permanency Plan Checklist: Pre and Post-Termination