Kinship placements are required to meet the same standards for verification as non-kinship placements, though all applicants may be eligible for a waiver, depending on the circumstances of the home. The DFPS Child Care Licensing (CCL) processes requests for waivers on a case-by-case basis. The relationship between the child and the kinship family is an important that's taken into consideration..

The DFPS automation system for the Child Protective Services (CPS) program and the automation system for the CCL Program were updated in order to improve reporting on the home verification process; the standards for which waivers/variances were requested and granted; the number and percentage of children in verified kinship foster homes, kinship homes declining verification; and kinship homes not completing verification.
DFPS, which has its own CPA program called the Foster / Adoptive Home Development (FAD) program, strengthened policy and efforts to support kinship foster home verification.  A shortened foster home training program was developed for kinship families who, because of their relationship with the child, did not need all the training provided to new prospective families who might be approved to care for unrelated children in foster care.  The FAD training program exceeds minimum standards. The kinship training program meets or exceeds minimum standards. 

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