Create a Microsoft Account

You can only read and reply to encrypted emails from DFPS if you have a Microsoft account.

Follow these instructions to create an account at Microsoft.

  1. Go to Microsoft's Create An Account web page.
  2. Follow the instructions to create your account. Your "User name" must be the email address the encrypted email was sent to.
  3. You must read and enter the characters you see to show that you are a real person.
  4. When you have completed the form, click the Create Account button.
  5. Creat a micosoft account form

  6. Next you will be prompted to verify your email address. You must do this to read the secure message.
  7. Microsoft's prompt to verify your email address

  8. Now go to your email inbox to view the Verify your email address message.
  9. Verify email address gmail screenshot

  10. Click the link inside the message to verify your email address.
  11.  screen shot saying to finish setting up this Microsoft account we need to make sure this address is yours

  12. You will be taken to your Microsoft account with a verification message that you are ready to go. At this point, you have successfully set up and verified your Microsoft account and are ready to read encrypted messages sent from DFPS.
  13. Miscrosoft account verification message screenshot

You now are done creating a Microsoft account.

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