Authority/Reference(s) Texas Family Code § 264.155
Revision Date June 1, 2020


A Single Source Continuum Contractor (SSCC) is required by statute to give preferential employment opportunities for DFPS employees who are impacted by the implementation of the Community Based Care (CBC) program, provided the employee is in good standing with DFPS. This staff will contribute to DFPS programmatic knowledge transfer, which is instrumental to the success of the SSCC, as well as meeting the intent of the legislation.

Some employment changes require additional ethics evaluation before the DFPS employee may accept a position with the SSCC, as some positions may pose (or have the appearance of) a conflict of interest.

If you are currently a DFPS employee in a position effected by CBC, and are considering employment with the SSCC, then you should notify the DFPS Ethics Officer at

Positions identified as requiring additional ethical considerations are:

  • CPS CBC Regional Administrators;
  • CBC Contract Management Staff;
  • DFPS Contracts Legal Staff;
  • CPS State Office Leadership who oversee CBC; and,
  • DFPS staff who developed procurement documents, contract documents, or have had responsibility for negotiations with the SSCC.