Authority/Reference(s) Texas Government Code §411.185; 45 CFR 75.361-370; & §2262.053
Revision Date December 20, 2019


Contract Managers are required to maintain contract records for each of their assigned contracts in the System of Contract Operations and Reporting (SCOR). As the official system of record, SCOR should include documentation that would assist someone unfamiliar with the contract obtain essential details, which may include performance reports, contractor correspondence, invoices, and staff communications.
Contract staff must:

  • Redact Personal Identifiable Information (PII) regarding clients, such as names, addresses, and social security numbers from any contract documents maintained in SCOR.
  • Ensure documentation is signed and dated, as applicable.
  • Ensure documentation is uploaded into SCOR within 30 calendar days after:
    • The effective date of the newly procured contract;
    • The effective date of the amendment (including renewals); or
    • The signature date of the final completed document (excluding the contract or amendment), and
  • Document reasons why upload timeframes were not met.

In addition to maintaining the SCOR contract record, contract staff must adhere to applicable Records Retention policies when maintaining their contract records.

SCOR Required Documents

For all contract records located in SCOR, the executed contract (including amendments) and all attachments, must be uploaded as one document.  Attachments to contracts must be uploaded into SCOR as they replace existing contract attachments.

In addition to the executed contract and amendment upload requirement, the following documentation is required to be maintained in SCOR for administrative contracts valued at $25,000 and more; and all client service contracts, when applicable:

  • Form 2044a Contract File Checklist
  • Form 4524 Financial Remedies Decision Documentation
  • Monitoring reports including the initial and final monitoring reports
  • Administrative Contract Monitoring Tool, Form 9102ADMIN
  • Certificate(s) of Insurance and AM Best Rating
  • Federally approved indirect cost rate letter
  • All Contract Handbook Policy Waivers
  • Documentation of required checks which can be uploaded as one PDF document or individually
  • Termination  Letters
  • All required contract forms (see list below)

 Required Contract Forms
When applicable, the following required forms must be maintained in SCOR:

  • Form 9007 Internal Control Structure Questionnaire (ICSQ) - Including all required attachments
  • Form 9100 Risk Assessment Instrument (RAI)
  • Form 9105 Risk Assessment Questionnaire (RAQ)
    • Exemption: Form 9105 is not required for RCC due to collecting this information from other sources
  • Form 2044 - Contract Routing Form.
  • Form 1513 - Disclosure of Ownership and Control Interest Statement. Required for all contractors receiving Title XX funding.
  • Form 4734 - Annual FFATA Certification.
  • Form 1295 - Disclosure of Interested Parties.
  • Form 4735 - Out of State Contractor Certifications.

When applicable, the following forms are required, but do not have to be maintained in SCOR:

  • Form 74-176 - Application for Texas Identification Number.
  • Form AP-152 - Direct Deposit Authorization.


For questions regarding Accounting forms AP-152 or 74-176, please email when needed.