Authority/Reference(s) Texas Human Resource Code, Title 2 § 40.058
Revision Date December 20, 2019


Contract staff must conduct all risk based and enhanced monitoring through an on-site review, unless a waiver is approved by the Deputy Commissioner authorizing a desk review.

When a risk based or enhanced monitoring event is entered into SCOR, the contract monitoring review location will default to on-site.  If on-site monitoring is waived, or if one of the below listed contract types is being monitored, then contract staff must change the contract monitoring location from on-site to desk review.

Contract types that are exempt from this policy are:

  • Hospital Sitter Services
  • Supervised Visitation Services
  • Home Study and Report Services
  • Out-of-State Courtesy Supervision Services
  • In-State and Out-of-State Adoption
  • Community and Parent Group Services


On-site monitoring is when contract monitoring is conducted at the contractor’s office or a service delivery location.

Desk Review

A desk review is when contract monitoring is conducted at the DFPS staff member’s office.