These Notice of Award (NoA) documents are the official, legally binding agreements awarded to DFPS. The official award document contains or references the terms and conditions of the federal grant, including funding limits and obligations. It provides the documentary basis for recording the obligation of federal funds in the DFPS accounting system.

Adoption Assistance (93.659)

Adoption Opportunities (93.652)

Chafee Education Training Vouchers (93.599)

Chafee Foster Care Independence (93.674)

Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment (93.669)

Community Based Child Abuse Prevention (93.590)

Foster Care Title IV-E (93.658)

Guardianship_Assistance (93.090)

Home Visiting Program (93.505 / 93.870)

Promoting Safe and Stable Families (93.556)

Stephanie Tubbs Jones Child Welfare Services Program (93.645)