DFPS enters into regional client service contracts to provide clients with additional protective services and to support and expand DFPS's capacity to serve the community.

We have regional contract experts who are responsible for:

  • Establishing contracts.
  • Managing and monitoring contracts according to the terms of each contract.
  • Supporting caseworkers and other DFPS staff to help resolve performance issues or concerns.
  • Answering questions about service authorizations.

To monitor contracts, these specialized staff members make on-site visits, review contract activities, and document how contractors comply with programmatic and financial requirements. They also process payment for services.

Regional Contracting Opportunities

Regional contract staff manage direct and support service contracts.

CPS Direct Services

Examples of direct services include:

  • Child day care services.
  • Post-adoption services.
  • Evaluation and treatment services.
  • Parent-caregiver training.
  • Substance abuse assessments and treatment (individual, family and group counseling).
  • Preparation for Adult Living (PAL) services.
  • In-state adoption.
  • Out-of-state adoption.
  • Home screenings and assessments

Support Services

DFPS enters into Support Services contracts to improve the effectiveness of direct client services and to support organizations that provide indirect assistance to clients.  Examples of support services contracts include contracts with:

  • Foster parent associations.
  • Memoranda of understanding with other state agencies.
  • Title IV-E county and university contracts.
  • Burial services for deceased children in the managing conservatorship of DFPS.

State Office Contracts

One centralized unit at the DFPS headquarters in Austin manages state office contracts for CPS. These contracts may provide direct services for CPS clients, support services, or grant- supported demonstration projects. These agreements can be contracts or interagency agreements and memoranda of understanding (MOU's) with other state agencies.

Contact Information

For information on current contracting opportunities, contact the Procurement Division via email.

For information on an existing service contract, contact the program director in your area.